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Tennessee Mountain Spring
#168 in Folk SongVault Certified
Tennessee Mountain Spring
Traditional Folk
Length: 3:44
On Network Since Mar 26, 2010
Number 5
#11 in Classical SongVault Finals
Number 5
Classic Piano
Length: 4:54
On Network Since Jul 5, 2012
Overture to the Day before Yesterday
#1 in Classical SongVault Showcase
Overture to the Day before Yesterday
Classic Piano
Length: 8:21
On Network Since May 24, 2012
Mark Bloss
SongVault Certified Artist Mark Bloss

Tennessee, United States

Classic Piano / Orchestral Pop

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Some things said about Bloss's music:

"I can't say enough good things about the music of Mark Bloss. Highly complex, catchy tunes with funky syncopated rhythms and accompaniments, effective instrumentation, and a fun sense of atmosphere pervade his music." S. Philipp

"Technically proficient, well-orchestrated, well-crafted and -shaped. Well worth more than one listen and this has drawn me into a general interest in this composer's music" J. Smyth

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