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Brahms Escape
#53 in Classical SongVault Certified
Brahms Escape
Romantic Acoustic
Length: 6:35
On Network Since Aug 6, 2009
Think Free
#137 in Folk SongVault Certified
Think Free
New Acoustic
Length: 3:35
On Network Since Aug 6, 2009
Kent Welton
SongVault Certified Artist Kent Welton

Dana Point
California, United States

New Acoustic / Alternative

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Song - Think Free – SongBook CD
“Hey man, this has a flavor and style that i really enjoy. you have some good sounds and original tunes. this is the way music ought to be played. it has a lot of fun to it without all the bells and whistles. Yeah! Dig it...”
Todd Bailey

“Gold Artist Award” –

“Good stuff.. arrangements are top notch”
Danie Cortese, Cortese Entertainment

Song- Its So Wrong – on Songbook CD and
“Sounds like John Lennon” - Ken Klimak, BDStudios

"Acoustic Mechanic" is a CD by Kent Welton, a skilled classical guitarist, who has brought you his talents on this CD in the form of songs that feature much more than guitar. Kent's impressive guitar work certainly stands on it's own on this CD. However, in addition to Kent's guitar work, the CD features passionate strings, airy syths, and wonderful piano work. The beautiful arrangements very effective meld various acoustic instruments, to provide each song a subtle life of it's own. "Night in Seville" leads off the album and sets the tone with a beautifully arranged and executed guitar piece. ""Morning Chamber" is a wonderful string arrangement and is undoubtedly an anthem to the beauty of a new day. "A Flutish Fancy," starts with a dark intensity and blooms into a fantasy-like movement. If you enjoy classical and new age music, you'll enjoy this CD.-
William and the Reviewer Team

A GrIndie Award is RadioIndy's stamp of approval that this CD is an excellent quality CD. RadioIndy is pleased to present Kent Welton with a GrIndie award for his CD Relatively Gone... a pacifying collection of jazz instrumentals. Soothing and graceful best describe these free-flowing compositions... All in all, Kent consistently delivers great mind-easing jazz and easy-listening songs with Relatively Gone.
-Xavier P.,

Violins Synthetique CD –
“A very satisfying recital”

"The International Association Of Independent Recording Artists - IAIRA -
recognizes and honers artistic achievement, technical proficiency, and overall excellence in sound recording... Variations On a Karma (Violins Synthetique CD) by Kent Welton, had attained the Number 2 Position on at least one of the charts monitored are verified by IAIRA. On the basis of that research, IAIRA has qualified the aforementioned release as eligible for Certification as an International 'Top 10' "
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