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Greed Is The Creed
#345 in Country SongVault Certified
Greed Is The Creed
Jubal Lee Young
Length: 2:58
On Network Since May 28, 2007
Jubal Lee Young
SongVault Certified Artist Jubal Lee Young

Tennessee, United States

Americana / Folk Rock

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Jubal Lee Young Bio

His songs are reckless, deep and spiritual - meticulously crafted, delivered by an amazing voice that can go in a heartbeat from a falsetto whisper to a lions roar.

Jubal Lee Young is the only son of singer-songwriter Steve Young (Seven Bridges Road, Lonesome Onry and Mean) and Terrye Newkirk (My Oklahoma, Come Home, Daddy).

He grew up around the best of the 70's and 80's Country, Folk, and Bluegrass artists; his parents amazing circle of famous and infamous friends.

Along the way, he came up with a unique sound - encompassing the diverse styles of the musically fertile Southland, but with a genius for intelligent lyrics and wry humor that is altogether fresh.

Jubal Lee Young has learned from the greats, first-hand, right there at the kitchen table. You can hear it...he's the real deal.

The Debut CD "Not Another Beautiful Day" (Produced by Thomm Jutz) is available now at

Young's second CD - also produced by Jutz - features Jubal, Thomm Jutz, Fats Kaplin, Dave Roe and Pat McInerny. Available June 2007. Check for further details.


"Open Letter to Steve Young: Hey man, your boy rocks!" - Kevin Welch

“Here you have one of the finest singers that the Americana genre has produced. He's got that elusive thing, a sound. When he opens his mouth,
what comes out just sounds good.” - Frank Goodman,

"Jubal goes out on the edge and doesn't just survive. He triumphs. There is an acceptance of The Great What Is, an unflinching attitude that blossoms into a flat-out joy in being alive." - David Olney

“. Young’s vocals are strong and one is reminded at times of a young
Steve Earle.” "…echoes of Steve Stills in his heyday” - Paul Kerr,

"He's such a great singer... I think the songs are real, real good. I am a fan." - Mary Gauthier

"It's his musical invention, his poetic gifts, his willingness to share what optimism he maintains in a doubtful time in America and beyond. What melodies! He takes his listener both inside and outside the box." Van Dyke Parks

" wouldn't need to know anything about Jubal Lee Young's antecedents to recognize a major talent here." - Richard Dobson
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