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All Songs Lay Me Down
Lay Me Down
#22 in Gospel SongVault Certified
Lay Me Down
Lay Me Down
Contemporary Gospel
Length: 3:12
On Network Since Apr 5, 2007
Joules LaHae
SongVault Certified Artist Joules LaHae

Indiana, United States

Healing / Contemporary Gospel

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LAY ME DOWN: Big Wins! Nashville's Music City Song Festival 2nd Place Gospel Winner! Cream of Tonos Winner 2003! Top Ten @ Broadjam 3 Xs & Over 90 Days! Quarter Finalist LA's American Song Festival! First Place KFC Regional Competition! Voted Longest Running-Best Liked Song In Regional Market Test! Published!

Words & Music Copyright 1983 S. Gregor Rice aka Joules LaHae @
Gregor Rice Publishing & Production ~ A BMI Affiliate

Many Thanks to Masters Mark Kieswetter on arrangement & performance, keyboards & bass & Lori LeFevre on vocals for fabulous performances with to-the-tick precision & perfect pitch BEFORE the advent of sequencers & pitch correctors! Also to: George Leist on Drums, Walt Guy Recording Engineer, ReMastered by Jeff Hollman 2007. Thanks to all for the great work!

Special Thanks to Jesus for the Inspiration!

Activational Music: Activates The Light Within Us All!

A New Revolution of Light! Be sure to get your before & after pyx of yourself to see the difference in your Radiance after this Activation of Light! Kirlians or GDV pyx [] may work best if you are not able to see Auras, Radiance, or Inner Light just yet, but any digi pyx will work in lieu, then post them to the web with YOUR story! You will see for yourself as a faculty & function of your own Activated Inner Light! FEEL the difference! Get Excited to Luminosity! Be blessed with Ultimate Freedom, Total Satiation & Absolute Peace. Love & Foster The Light!

see also: & for more Activational Art & Music from Joules LaHae @

Experiential Music: Activational Art & Music. Radiance Technology: State of the Art Ancient Art & Science.

Also Special Thanks to SongVault.FM, All DJ's, Station Owners, Broadjam, Scott @ CDbaby, & All Concerned for Helping Activate The Light Within Us All in this New Revolution of Light by Playing Lay Me Down & Other Activational Tunez Encoded by Activational Energy Artist & Luminary, Joules LaHae @ &
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