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All Songs Far Apart
Time to Go Home
#72 in Gospel SongVault Certified
Time to Go Home
Far Apart
Traditional Gospel
Length: 4:20
On Network Since Mar 22, 2009
Donald Norris Jr
SongVault Certified Artist Donald Norris Jr

North Carolina, United States

Contemporary Country / Classic Country

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Donald Norris, Jr. has been writing songs since 2006. Donald has written songs of various genres, including country, pop, folk, rock, hip-hop, rap, and gospel. Six of his songs have been recorded on CDs thus far. Paramount Group and Nashville Song Service recorded and produced his songs. Donald also published all of his songs. Donald's songs are available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Napster, and over two dozen other sites. Donald has appeared in over one dozen films, TV shows, and music videos. He has appeared in Why Did I Get Married Too, Meet the Browns TV series, and Blood Done Sign My Name. He is the owner of Norris Tutoring and has an online store with lots of personalized items at
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