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All Songs After Disappointing GOD
Rocking Chair
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Rocking Chair
After Disappointing GOD
Length: 3:33
On Network Since Apr 23, 2017
Cousins with No Veil
Cousins with No Veil

North Carolina, United States

Gospel / Traditional Gospel

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When GOD gives an assignment we must obey. Cousins Gregoria D'Voldre b.k.a. "G" and Reginald Funderburke did just that with their new single 'Rocking Chair' off of their upcoming album 'After Disappointing GOD.' Hailing from the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, USA once known as the Mecca of Quartet Gospel. Their soulful laced style of quartet will at times make you reminisce of some of the old Quartet favorites thanks to John Fitzgerald McGill guitar excellence. While transcending the swag of the youth a grand-momma can still get down. Aw... just listen! The sonic driven mixes of grace and mercy beating every eurythmic tone to the chakras. It's just something about every note that feels anointed by GOD. That's because it is...
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