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All Songs Garment of Praise Only Believe
That's My Boy
#24 in Gospel SongVault Certified
That's My Boy
Garment of Praise
Southern Gospel
Length: 3:55
On Network Since Apr 21, 2008
Wonders Never Cease (duet with Dustin Jenkins)
#105 in Gospel SongVault Certified
Wonders Never Cease (duet with Dustin Jenkins)
Only Believe
Southern Gospel
Length: 4:08
On Network Since May 2, 2010
Cheryl Edelmann
SongVault Certified Artist Cheryl Edelmann

New Jersey, United States

Southern Gospel / Christian Pop / Rock

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Cheryl Edelmann was born in San Diego, California. At the age of one month, her parents moved to New Jersey. During that cross-country trip in the mountains of Flagstaff, Arizona, her parents’ car ran out of gas. A truck driver, whose identity was “Carl Driver” came to their aid. His only statement was to take care of that beautiful angel baby girl. From that moment on, Cheryl’s parents knew that God had a real purpose for her life.

Cheryl was born again at the age of 4 and baptized at the age of 6; one of the youngest members of her church to be baptized. Cheryl began taking piano lessons at the age of 11. She would play from the hymnal for hours as her father listened and praised the Lord. At the ripe old age of 16, she was playing the “Hallelujah Chorus,” along with the famed pianist, Dino’s background tapes. Although she loved playing her piano, singing was always uppermost on her mind.

At the age of 16, Cheryl entered Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey where she majored in piano and minored in voice. She traveled with the Westminster Choir then conducted by many famous conductors at Carnegie Hall and the Philadelphia Academy of Music.

Having been raised on Gaither music and Southern Gospel, Cheryl automatically was drawn to Country music and wanted desperately to move to Nashville to become a Country music artist. She made several demo tapes and traveled to Nashville singing on the stages of the Grand Ole Opry and the Ryman Auditorium. However, God had a different calling on her life and that was to sing for His honor and glory! Cheryl then continued singing in local churches, just waiting for God to open the doors for her.

In 2005 Cheryl made her first full length CD, entitled “Praise His Name,” which was produced at a local Christian studio. Soon thereafter, she was called to do a concert in the mountains of Pennsylvania at a lovely Christian retreat. It was there, that the anointing fell and Cheryl knew she was finally doing what God had called her to do.

In 2008, Cheryl recorded a second CD project entitled, “Garment of Praise” is now complete. “Garment of Praise,” was produced by both Dustin Jenkins and Lynn Royce Taylor, and includes the single, “That’s My Boy,” written by Martha Goodwin Ketron. This brand new CD also features a duet with Lynn Royce Taylor entitled, “Hold On To The Miracle,” which was written by both Cheryl and Dustin Jenkins.

Cheryl's brand new project, "Only Believe" will be available May 25, 2010! This CD features 12 songs, including five songs written by Dove award nominee, Marty Funderburk. Also included are songs written by notable writers such as Eva Wilson, Tony Stone, Ronny Hinson and Sheri LaFontaine. The final cut on the CD is entitled, "Together Till The End Of Time," which was written by Cheryl and Martha Goodwin (writer of "That's My Boy") This song was written in memory of Cheryl's grandmother, Violet Bowser, who went home to be with the Lord on February 19, 2010.

With her love for God and her passion for praising Him with her unique voice, Cheryl is excited about the future.
– By Betty Donley

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