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All Songs Surprise Surprize
'Til The Searchin's Done
#296 in Country SongVault Certified
'Til The Searchin's Done
Surprise Surprize
Alternative Country
Length: 2:04
On Network Since Apr 22, 2007
Surprise Surprise
#301 in Country SongVault Certified
Surprise Surprise
Surprise Surprize
Alternative Country
Length: 2:35
On Network Since Dec 17, 2008
#580 in Rock SongVault Certified
Surprise Surprize
Length: 3:19
On Network Since Apr 22, 2007
SongVault Certified Artist BOOMCHIX

British Columbia, Canada

Alternative Country / Singer/Songwriter

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Boomchix are a harmony singin', alt-country-roots-rock band from Vancouver Canada fronted by founding members Janice Dunbar (vocals/guitar/songwriter) and Barb Wilkins (vocals/mandolin).

Boomchix defy the boundaries of genre defined music. Influenced alternatively by country, rock, folk, pop and bluegrass, their songs blend catchy melodies with strong harmony vocals.

Their debut CD "Surprise Surprize” has been well received and has established Boomchix as a favorite among Vancouver's roots music community.

In performance Boomchix likes to rock that roots music! Shows are energetic and fun! Come see!

"...One need listen no further than Boomchix awe-inspiring debut release, Surprise Surprize, to hear the difference a little bit of soul can make: Sweet melodies, honest lyrics, world-class musicianship and damn near perfect production..." - R. C. Joseph - "Listen to Me" 24 hours

"Authentic, and warm... Amazing vocal harmonies, pro but not slick musicianship, and an underlying sense of humour make for one of the best Roots albums to come out of Vancouver in years." - Red Cat Records

“Surprise, Surprize defines Janice as a creative and passionate songwriter, and the BoomChix as a must-catch live local act. I highly recommend that you buy this album, and better still - catch the BoomChix playing live throughout our fine city sometime soon. Janice and Barb are very charismatic performers that really connect with their audience and have a great time up there on the stage. Their music kicks, their personalities shine. You are guaranteed a wonderful night if you make the effort to get up, get out, and catch them live.” -

“This is where country belongs. The Boomchix know enough about country to be true to the style, yet are wise enough to use elements of rock, well controlled in their application, to enhance the music, not take it over. Too much country today is rock in an ill-fitting country disguise. This is not that. This is country, pure and simple, it just knows enough to draw the best from the past and the present while keeping it real.” - CALVIN DANIELS - Yorkton This Week newspaper Jan.2, 2008 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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