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Can't Praise Him Enough
#3 in Gospel SongVault Certified
Can't Praise Him Enough
Song Sketches
Contemporary Gospel
Length: 3:35
On Network Since Nov 28, 2007
Just Like You
#54 in Gospel SongVault Certified
Just Like You
SoulCry Music
Contemporary Gospel
Length: 4:42
On Network Since Jul 22, 2008
Til My Change Come
#73 in Gospel SongVault Certified
Til My Change Come
Introducing Arleen Dorn
Contemporary Gospel
Length: 4:05
On Network Since Apr 5, 2009
Perfect Peace
#178 in Christian SongVault Certified
Perfect Peace
Song Sketches
Length: 5:27
On Network Since Feb 12, 2008
Perfect Peace (Original)
#431 in Christian SongVault Certified
Perfect Peace (Original)
Introducing Arleen Dorn
Length: 5:16
On Network Since Feb 1, 2013
Arleen Dorn
SongVault Certified Artist Arleen Dorn

Florida, United States

Gospel / Christian Blues

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A Songwriter, A Worshiper, Prophetess. ... She lives to praise and Worship the Lord Jesus Christ! Arleen , the founder and CEO of SoulCry Music Group Entertainment and Publishing, is passionate about getting the true message of the gospel into her music and is called to minister to the soul. Writing uplifting and encouraging music and sharing her life experiences to change & impact a life for Christ is extremely paramount in her music ministry. Currently she produces other professional artists who are serious about touching the nations with the word of God in song. Check out some of her catalog at!!! Arleen received Christ as her personal savior and sang at just about every social or church related event throughout her community. It has always been clear that God was calling her to a higher level of music ministry as He began to give her songs of praise. Arleen has written over 900 songs and still counting . Arleen was blessed to be joined to her soul mate , a fiery young preacher and evangelist. Apostle Kennith Dorn is currently the pastor and founder of Kingdom Life World Outreach . They have been married and soul partners in the ministry for more than 23 years. Together they are a dynamic soul winning team and are very serious about the call of God on their lives and building up the Kingdom of God. Their three beautiful children share a love for gospel music and are very gifted in many areas of music, poetry,athletics and business.


Arleen Adds....
I love to and have been called by God to evangelize, to reach souls for Jesus Christ. God has given me a gift of prophecy of conviction , clarity and accuracy for the eqipping of the saints the Glory of God the Father.
I am a conference speaker.
I am preparing to publish my first book and another gospel CD.
I love all people with no respect of persons. I love to give and to encourage and witness for the Lord.
I am an intercessor and prayer warrior. I have endured many afflictions, tribulation and hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ, as have all of God's Elect who are a threat to and destroyer of the works of the devil. I sing because I'm happy and because I am Free!
And I am persuaded that NOTHING shall seperate me from His Great Love. I look forward to sharing my music, testimony and words of encouragement to everyone I meet, as well as ready and open to receive from others, that men may see Jesus in an even greater way and Give ALL the Glory to the Lord!
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I will sing of God's great love and His Praises forever and ever!
I am determined to give God the glory due unto His Name!
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